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Basic info

For more information about character creation, refer to our docs.

Describe the character. This will be displayed on the character page, but not used by the AI.




Provide the exact character description as you want it to be used by the AI to generate responses and messsages.


You can also change the visibility after the character is created.

Select up to 5 relevant tags or keywords.

Advanced info (optional)

This is the first message that the character will say for the conversation. If this is empty, we will use the name and the description to generate the initial message when creating the character.


Sample messages of the character and / or the user. Start the message with "{{char}}:" or "{{user}}:" to indicate who is speaking.

Recognized 0 example dialogues.


Character lorebook

Character lorebooks add more context about the character while you are chatting with them.

No lorebooks added yet.

If this character is not safe for work, turn this on.

If you want to keep the character prompt and example dialogues private, turn this off.

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